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Snapcardster rebrands to Mage

Hooray and hello, fellow Planeswalkers! Today is a special announcement from the team: We're rebranding to Mage. For over two years, we've been present on the App Store, Play Store, social…
March 6, 2019
Old School Uncategorized

Keepin’ it Old School

So, I believe most of you are now familiar with the old kid on the block: the elusive, intriguing and vastly expensive format of 93/94 or simply Old School magic.…
February 19, 2018
The Scarab God Uncategorized

The Quest continues

When I last discussed Standard, I had arrived at Abzan Tokens as the best way to leverage sweepers. As I continued grinding at the leagues and failing to escape mediocrity,…
February 5, 2018

My 10 MTG Commandments

Hello and welcome back to an actual article from my hand. I'm taking a small break from the interviews to share some mixed thoughts about the way I approach the…
Andreas Petersen
January 13, 2018