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Michael Bonde

Cavalier of Flame by Wesley Burt
Grand PrixLimitedMagic ArenaVideo
July 12, 2019

Learning Core Set M20 Sealed with Michael Bonde

Even though Modern Horizons will be the format that is drafted for the Mythic Championship in Barcelona, there is a new set that was just released: The new core set…
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CommunityModernTeam Mage
July 9, 2019

Was Bridge from Below the right card to ban in Modern?

Everyone, and maybe especially people with a plane ticket to Barcelona for the MagicFest Barcelona and Mythic Championship IV, have been waiting in excitement for the B&R announcement today. Would…
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Carrion Feeder by Svetlin Velinov
DecktechModernTeam MageTournament
June 17, 2019

Playing Horizons in the Team Modern Super League

With Modern Horizons on the horizon for the format, the landscape is going to change. Not just a little, but by a lot. The upcoming Mythic Championship in Barcelona, roughly…
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Vraska Swarm's Eminence by Anna Steinbauer - Landscape
LimitedMagic ArenaVideo
May 17, 2019

Drafting Golgari in War of the Spark with Michael Bonde

At the end of last month, Mythic Championship London fired – and we played our hearts out in both Modern and War of the Spark Limited, the latter for the…
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Teferi, Time Raveller by Chris Rallis
May 15, 2019

The Planeswalkers of War of the Spark in Vintage

Standard and occasionally Modern are everchanging formats with each set that is released by Wizards, where Vintage as a format is determined by some powerful forces that are hard to…
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Pestilence Doom Blade by Raymond Swanland
March 26, 2019

Pestilence in Pauper – Deck and Sideboard Guide

If you have been living under a rock, you might not have noticed the groundbreaking news of the first MCQ in the wonderful format of Pauper. Not only did the…
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