Cavalier of Flame by Wesley Burt
Grand PrixLimitedMagic ArenaVideo
July 12, 2019

Learning Core Set M20 Sealed with Michael Bonde

Even though Modern Horizons will be the format that is drafted for the Mythic Championship in Barcelona, there is a new set that was just released: The new core set…
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Ayula, Queen Among Bears by Jesper Ejsing
Grand PrixLimitedTeam Mage
June 19, 2019

Making Top8 in Modern Horizons Limited

Before Grand Prix Copenhagen I decided to mainly practice Sealed. It had been quite a while since I last had made day two of a Limited Grand Prix. More than…
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Bilbao Azusa Lost But Seeking by Winona Nelson
Grand PrixModernTournament
March 7, 2019

3 Top Decks for MagicFest Bilbao to win in Modern

Living the Grand Prix and Mythic Championship grind is a real thing. Not many days after I got home from Mythic Championship Cleveland, my preparation for the next big event…
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