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Who we are…

...and where we come from at gran canaria

Our values

For the fun of it

We. Love. Magic; and play FNM in our office every Friday together with local players.


Developers, designers, lifehackers, planeswalkers. Our doors are open to you!

Working with <3

Your satisfaction with the app is our mission and your feedback is on our daily menu.

An eye for details

Creativity is capitalised because that's what you do in the beginning of a sentence.

Malte Delfs

Malte Delfs


Malte is a bright guy who enjoys a strict vegan diet, except that he eats currywurst every day. He really likes meat, but he knows that too much protein damages his delicate and light skin. This is his main sensory organ, through which he generates his creative tinkering ideas. If you give Malte a loose part of a broken printer, he will build a scanable and talkable UFO within seconds, with which he explores new galaxies at night.
Peer Richelsen isst gerade

Peer Richelsen


Peer belongs to the species Hyperactivus matus. This seldom creature solely feeds on mate tea. He doesn’t sleep a lot and sometimes even not at all. Instead he uses the gained hours to realize his never-ending amount of ideas, that constantly pour out of his ears. Several of them turned out quite well except for his attempt to create a new beverage: Two-Mate, a mixture of tomato juice and mate tee.
Nicolas Jessen

Nicolas Jessen

Backend developer

Nico is a British time traveler from the 16th century. People say that he is the last remaining human being that masters all existing expressions of courtesy. His mission is to promote and support politeness in his working context. Of course that happens in his perfect British English. Whenever he is not reciting medieval poems or whenever he doesn’t indulge his passion for coffee, he programms his coffee-machine to recite Shakespeare.
Was ist denn bloß mit Karsten los?

Karsten Pietrzyk

Backend developer

In his former life, Karsten must have been a Golden Retriever. Though you can’t tell from his looks today, you definitely can notice his animally features. No matter who enters the room, Karsten is enormously happy and welcomes everybody passionately. In his free time he loves to make his fellow humans laugh or to take a walk across the nearby market place. Moreover he loves to gain knowledge about Magic: The Gathering, that’s why his nickname is The Magic Brain in the office.
bennet krause

Bennet Krause

Android developer

Actually Bennet is a US-American actor who performed in Martial-Arts movies. In fact he couldn’t stand his life in Hollywood (too much fame!) so that he secretly escaped to Germany. There he leads a new life as a nocturnal ninja, who climbs on top of the city’s buildings when the sun goes down. He jumps from roof to roof to stay fit. Sometimes he stays at home as well in order to program an Android compatible app which makes time travel possible (Nico asked for his help).

Julien Großkrüger

iOS developer

There are rumours that Julien isn’t programming the iOS version of Snapcardster. Instead he’s secretly planning his career as a pro surfer. And in fact, it isn’t Julien who is sitting in the office everyday but his twin brother, who is the real iOS expert. In any case it doesn’t matter whether it is Julien or his Doppelgänger. They are so similar that no one recognizes this spectacle anyways, not even Julien.

Working at

Please send us your application by e-mail only. We will contact you immediately with an acknowledgment of receipt and respond to your application within two weeks. In case you have any questions during this time, you can of course contact us. We look forward to your creative application!

Working Student (Part-Time) in SWIFT/iOS
Kiel, Part-Time

The first steps

It all started in March 2016 when Peer first came up with his idea for an app for Magic Cards during the Prototyping Week of where he presented his project.

The team is growing

A few months later he found active support with Malte and Nico, who initially worked from June to August 2016 as part of the “Fast Forward” incubator program and have been an integral part of the team ever since.

In December 2016 it was finally time. The closed Android beta version was released and just one month later the Snapcardster UG (Limited Liability) was founded with a share capital of 5,000 €.

Kickstarter and Bachelor Thesis

In February 2017, the Kickstarter campaign went online. The goal was to collect a total of € 6,000 in 31 days. In return, there were snapcoins, early access and tokens. In the end it was 6,171 € out of a total of 121 Backers!

The team received scientific support from three Kiel students Niklas, Christian and Julian, who wrote their bachelor theses on the Magic App Snapcardster.

The UG becomes a GmbH

By now, the team had grown to six heads. Peer, Malte and Miri drove in October 2017 to the SPIEL17 in Essen, one of the largest fairs in Europe for countless games, both online and offline.

In the same month, the share capital was increased to € 25,000, Snapcardster received the first financial support from a seed investor from Switzerland and GmbH was entered in the commercial register.

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The sky is the limit

Finally, iPhone users were also able to participate in the long-awaited closed beta of the iOS version of Snapcardster in November 2017.

In February 2018, GmbH recorded 10,000 app users for the first time. A perfect figure to bring out the most important app function: in April 2018, the Germany-wide marketplace was published in the app.

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