How it works

Snapcardster is a smartphone app for you to buy and sell Magic: The Gathering cards. Find meta breaking cards, build new decks and meet new players in your area. Download the app now!
Scan and trade

It has never been easier to sell cards. Open the scanner, choose the right card condition and check if the suggestions are correct.

Scanne deine Karten zum Verkaufen Magic Karten kaufen
Discover and buy

Search thousands of offers from marketplace participants. Find new offers every day with the “Explore” function.

Scan your Magic cards

Do you remember your unsorted box full of Magic cards? Now the time is right to scan your cards and to find a buyer.

Search thousands of offers

You're building the new Tier 1 deck but you are lacking of some last cards? No problem! Order the missing cards with a single click.

Send cards correctly

Make sure to use a proper packing and use the correct shipping form. After shipping out the order, please confirm it in the app as soon as possible. Have a look at our Packaging tips and check out our guide for the condition of cards.

Safe purchase

Your balance will be deposited with the payment provider MangoPay according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation. We ensure that your payment is processed securely by being credited only upon arrival.

Receive your money

For orders without tracking, the money will be transferred to your account as soon as you have confirmed the shipping of the cards. For orders with tracking, the money will be transferred as soon as the buyer confirms receipt.

Confirm the arrival and rate the seller

Once your order has arrived, you confirm the arrival and evaluate the seller. If there are any discrepancies, please contact our Support, before you give a bad rating.

What exactly is Snapcardster?

The app combines several handy features for each Magic Fan. Scan your Magic Cards with your smartphone camera and arrange your collection in decks and folders of your virtual library. Buy, sell and trade cards at low fees. Add other Magic players to your friends list and use the in-app instant messenger to conveniently organize ticket sales and purchases, or simply arrange for Game Nights.

For which devices is Snapcardster available?

Snapcardster is available for iPhones with iOS 11 in the iTunes App Store and for Android devices with Android 5 or later in the Google Play Store

Do I need to connect my bank account in order to use the app?

If you want to use the app for scanning and tracking, you do not need any bank details. The app will be permanently free of charge.

How much does the shipping of my cards cost?

Find the shipping costs in our List of fees The price including applicable shipping costs will also be calculated in the order form based on the size of your shopping cart and displayed before you send the order. Whether a consignment tracking is mandatory depends on the value of the goods.

How do I best pack my order?

If you like to ship only a few cards (up to 20 cards) you can put up to 4 cards in a sleeve and send them in a standard envelope. In order to avoid folding the cards you can stabilize the envelope with a piece of hard cardboard.

If you want to ship a larger number of cards, it is advisable to divide them into several thick stacks and wrap them with paper. Then ship the stacks in a padded envelope or a sturdy package. Learn more about Packaging tips.

Further questions?

The best way to contact us:
In-App Chat: “Peer from Snapcardster”

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We already summed up some frequent questions regarding scan, track, trade, but also regarding the subject account management, General settingsand data protection

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The Scanner

Quickly switch from any view to the scanner to add cards to your collection.

Search and settings

Search the huge selection of cards of thousands of Magic players. In addition to the search you will find general settings to customize the app to your experience.

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Here you will find the latest cards and recent articles.

The marketplace menu

In this menu you’ll find hot deals, the explorer mode, your own offers and your recent purchases.