Packaging tips

Helpful tips for secure shipping of your cards

Before cards are shipped, you should pack them as well and safely as possible so that they arrive undamaged at the buyer. You as a seller are responsible for secure shipping. Below you find some recommendations on how to pack your cards the safest depending on the amount.

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1. Small orders (up to 16 cards)

Step 1: To protect your cards, you first put up to 4 cards in a sleeve. To prevent them from falling out of the sleeve, you can tape the open side of the sleeve with a small piece of paper and a piece of tape. Make sure that the tape doesn’t touch the cards.

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Packaging tips: what you need

Step 2: If you use a long standard envelope, you can use a hard surface, for example a piece of cardboard, as a backing for your cards in the sleeves. Place the sleeved cards on the piece of cardboard and fix them with some tape. Also make sure that the tape doesn’t touch the cards.

Klebe die Karte in einer Sleeve auf ein Stück Pappe

Stick the sleeved cards on a piece of cardboard

Instead of a standard envelope, you can also use a padded envelope. Then you don’t need any cardboard to stabilize the cards. The protective covers and the padding protect your cards sufficiently. However, check the shipping method chosen by the buyer. Prices for a padded envelope may differ from the standard envelopes.

2. Medium-sized orders (17 – 64 cards)

For medium sized orders, you can divide the cards into four piles. Wrap each pile with a piece of paper and glue it with a piece of tape. Also make sure that the tape doesn’t touch the cards. You can now put the packed and well-protected pile of cards in a padded envelope and send them safely.

3. Large orders (more than 65 cards)

Bigger orders can’t be sent well in a padded envelope. Instead, it makes sense to send them in a shipping box (or small boxes, shoe boxes, etc.). To do this, divide the cards into stacks of roughly equal size and wrap them in a piece of paper, just like shown in the medium-sized orders. Then place them in a shipping carton and fill in the voids with paper or bubble wrap to prevent the stacks from moving during shipment and getting damaged.