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Mage Commerce is the next-gen warehouse, auto-pricing and omni-channel solution for Magic: The Gathering with an open API developer platform and App Store for custom extensions.

suitable for every store

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The Benefits

Be ahead of your Inventory

Magic cards and other collectibles have no SKU. They're tough to identify, categorise and sell. We take the "trading" in trading cards by word and make it as easy as it can be with our inventory management.

Synchronise storefronts

Start selling on multiple storefronts such as Mage, your own online shop or eBay with real-time synchronisation. No need to split your inventory.

Tax Exports

Receive a monthly tax export across all connected platforms for the fastest and most convenient accounting of your sales and purchases.

Open & Developer Friendly

Mage Commerce offers an open API developer platform for future integrations and custom extensions. Example: Setup your own online store with Wordpress + WooCommerce and access thousands of plugins.

Your free domain

Hurry up and request access to get your free subdomain.

1. Promote your brand

Bring your local store brand online without all the hassle.

2. Customise

Style your store after your taste. Change colors and branding to your needs.

3. Independent

Don't be afraid to rely on a single marketplace provider.

suitable for every store

Introducing: The Mage App Store

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Developers Welcome

We want to encourage developers in the Magic community to build products around their favourite hobby without dealing with legacy code, weird abstractions and outdated docs. With the Mage SDK you can build a community page and offer core functionalities of Mage Market like: make a bid, create an ask, buy now or sell now out of the box.

// Require the Mage Commerce library with a sandbox secret key.
const mage = require('mage')('mage_test_Ad977667f7B30f92e1c701');

// Create a bid for a card.
const bid: Bid = await{
englishName: 'Snapcaster Mage',
foil: false,
setCode: 'isd',
condition: 'nm',
language: 'en',
bidInCents: 5000, // 50€
currency: 'eur',
expireInDays: 30,

A commerce platform für magic fans von magic fans.

We've teamed up with the brightest minds from the community to build integrations that just work.

Retired Caster, Integrations Developer

Fantastic initiative from Mage to build a modern platform for e-commerce in Magic. I have built a lot of custom integrations for European stores in the past and I'm looking forward to build apps and integrations for Mage Commerce.

Software Engineer

I'm a software engineer AND magic player. I can't wait to play around with the API and build apps on top of Mage Commerce.

suitable for every store